Three Family Hikes@ Königsee

One of the joys of living in Munich is access to the mountains. In the fall season this is accompanied with varying hues of color ranging from golden yellows to burnt oranges and is a sight that makes one truly thankful to live in a city with so much nature. In our household though, this can potentially become a family feud on weekends when our pre-teen and teenager would prefer to stay home. Knowing that activity and fresh air is healthy and also gives a break from homework and devices we put our foot down (no pun intended!)

This year we are make family hiking a priority. The good news is that while there was complaining at first, once they saw we were unbudge-able, it evolved into loud grumbling and then eventually stopped altogether. And while it may take some effort, I promised you wont be disappointed. Here are three tours  around Königssee area  that have something for everyone:

Konigsee Boat Tour (Through October 15th) –

This option is very practical if you would like to absorb the beauty of the area but have very small children or elderly with you. Public car park by the boat landing stage. Passenger boats set off from here about once every 30 minutes and tour is approximately 2 hours . The boat ride is very comfortable and you can sit outside, taking in the stunning view. You can plan on making different stops on the lake and get to visit, the beautiful St. Barthlomew church.

From Munich drive  towards Schönau . Address for your Navigation system:

Seestraße 55
Schönau am Königssee

And here is the link to the boat service. PAY ATTENTION as it does not run all year round!

Do you know the  legend of the Königsee Echo?

Who would not like to hear it – the world-famous Königssee echo! The skipper coaxes the echoes from the steep cliff face with a trumpet . The echo can be heard once or twice depending on the weather.
The echo used to be awakened with a small cannon. Back then, you could hear it up to 7 times. However, shooting was forbidden on the boats because of the fire risk.


Malerwinkle Trail


The Malerwinkle Trail- walking trail at low difficulty, it is an almost flat walk in a loop from the boat landing and back, approximately 1 hour (see signs)

Tip: Stop for a drink or meal at the cosy hut called Jenner Kaser before or afterwards, with outside seating and indoor fireplace. The baby goats melted my 14 year old into complete butter.






This is a medium but steep hike up to the Alpenverein hut from 1860 on top of the Alps glacier. It is approximately 3 hours up and 1.5 hours down. I mention it because the views of Hintersee are stunning along the way. We are not experienced hikers but we did it and enjoyed the rewarding views and delicious food and Kaiserschmarrn for dessert on top. The hut has been managed by three generations of the same family. Tip: As the trails are very well maintained, while we managed with sneakers, would recommend proper hiking boots and Leki poles.


I hope you enjoy these three fantastic hikes suggested by my friend Moneshia. I did ‘test’ only one of them, many years ago and was happy to get a fresh prespective and gorgeous pictures.

All the best for now,



P.S: Munichmom’s tip: Königsee is a bit further afield than Chiemsee or Starnbergersee , so budget 2.5 hours to drive by car to there and back. Be sure to get a vignette ( highway pass) if you pass through Austria toll roads for part of the way. The first time we didn’t and had to pay a 120 Euro fine at the control. There are many guest houses (Ferienwohnung) in the area but the Explorer Hotel is a nice newer option with fantastic breakfast buffet included.

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