Ski experience an hour from Munich

The most challenging concept, when thinking about a ski week end experience, is choosing a spot which can accommodate everyone in the family; little children, older kids, skiers, non –skiers, red slope skiers and beginners. That usually is the biggest challenge most of us face, when planning a skiing outing.

Munichmom recently found the perfect spot, just an hour drive from Munich and thought would share it with you.

Söll, is a small community in Austria, part of the beautiful area in Tirol known as Kufstein. We found that the ski structures here accommodate everyone and are very family friendly. Our base was the very friendly hut ‘Hexenalm’: the little witch theme was fun for  the little ones and made everything a bit easier.





This location is ideal for really young children who need to get a sense of being on skis or children who are already taking the first steps on their skis. For the very beginners there is a small tapis roulant which you can freely use, in order to have your kids get used to being on the skies and moving. A few meters away there is a small children lift, which is also free of costs, for very beginners to test. The third lift is a small anchor ski lift, which is perfect for small children.

Kids have really fun possibilities to try different things out , like a tunnel and a witch’s slalom .




I personally always find it reassuring to see before hand how the lift works. So here is a fresh video for you…Söll

The beauty of this is that you can sit down and relax and your children can play in the snow or enjoy the playground which is adjacent to the restaurant. The local specialties are delicious and the restaurant offers a self service option as well as a very restaurant.



So whether it is for the day only or for a long week end , check out the Hexen Alm in Söll.

And here more info on the Ski Area Wilder Kaiser, which offers all sorts of slopes.

Wilder Kaiser Info

See you on the slopes!

Your Munichmom

P.S. Tip for your navigation system: please give as address Stampfanger in Söll, Austria.

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