Are you new to Munich and looking for a job?  Are you a mother in Munich who is considering going back to work?

Whether full time or part time, there has never been a better time! Munich is crawling with small, medium and large-sized companies who are looking for you. The economy is strong and, the last 15 years have taught most Munich -based company, that Expats can integrate well in the German system, can learn a second (third, fourth) language and that some of them end up giving up their Expat status to make Munich their Heimat.

Some jobs may not require no German knowledge whatsoever, although I have never personally encountered that.

In addition to a female Chancellor for the country, and ruling calling for more women representation on Boards, there are a plethora of resources to support mothers (and our children) to just do that.

This new section of our blog, MunichMom @ WORK, highlights a few of the very newest programs and initiatives waiting to be taken advantage of, with personal vetting by Munichmom. It took us sometime, but we have tested and experimented for you every idea, course and program, we are about to cover in this section.

If you are just getting started and are unsure of how to go to about it, could use some camaraderie in the process, or just want to know you are not alone….please know:

There is a network out there just waiting to run in and help!

Week after week you will find a taste of what is offered in our great city!  We @Munichmom found the level of energy from women-helping-women to be infectious!

Women in Executive positions, women who have chosen to mentor, socialize and network in our great city. The women behind the scenes of these organizations are real people who are eager to share their learning and knowledge!

We hope their positive vibes jump off the pages and infect our readers as well.