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Veggies pouches are not just for babies!

I just stole my child’s veggie pouch! I literally stole the food from her mouth… I was running between a piano lesson and a pediatrician’s appointment  and realized I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I was famished, starving, approaching h-angry! I originally bought these new veggie-fruit purees for my kids as they have up to 70% veggies – and no junk whatsoever. No added concentrates, sugars, nothing else. And they tasted good, really, really good.

What is worse is that I stole the food and really enjoyed it too! I was craving sweet potato all week. As my regular supermarket does not carry this wonderful root,  I was going to get it at my local farmer’s market , look up an easy recipe and then go for it….But now there’s no need:)  I love sweet potatoes and I am aware of the vitamin/mineral boost I get when I eat this wonderful root.

I asked the founder and fellow Canadian, Jaclyn Schnau, about their new snacks for babies. Having worked in the food sector for years she realized that there was far too much sugars everywhere and conceived the idea of a veggie-heavy snack with no added sugars. Research has shown that introducing veggies to babies as their first foods is a great way to train those tiny taste buds to love their taste and texture. And of course, more veggies means less sugars.

She even eats them herself (glad I’m not the only one!) and her favorite flavor is ‘Happy’ – a combination of green beans, apple, spinach and kiwi with 57% veggies or ‘Zauber’ a textured puree with a delicate sweetness and with 69% veggies and quinoa.


When my child has a ‘no -veggie’ phase, Pumpkin Organics pouches are the only way I get to trick her into ‘doing veggies’. And I love the funky combinations: apple-green beans- spinach and kiwi, or carrot-pear-sweet potato and broccoli.

My personal favorite is:

Carrot-apple-spinach and lentils. The perfect combination between sweet and salty which will keep you full for a few hours!


Pumpkin Organics has created 8 very veggie pouches and one deliciously succulent apple. They’re available online at www.pumpkin-organics.de and currently have a great offer of 10 pouches for €12.  Go online today and get yourself a trial package: You will love the pouches as well as the customer friendly service.



P.S. Munichmom’s tip: put the pouches in the fridge and enjoy them cold! My favorite dessert:)

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