I am someone who does like it hot 😉 and I am happy when the temperatures rise. I also usually get annoyed when people complain about the heat during the summer months, because:


I admit though, the one thing that drives me up the wall are MOSQUITOES. I am one of those mosquito magnets which you like to have as a friend, so you can travel safe. I try not to complain about it and not make a big deal, but many summer nights end up being a nightmare with mosquito bites which last weeks as painful souvenirs of my summer vacation.

Unfortunately my little one has inherited her mommy’s blood:). That is why I have done lots of research on mosquito repellent methods, hoping to combine my love for natural  ingredients and the desire to a mosquito- free holiday.

That is how I came across PARA’ KITO, a mosquito repellent method available in over 30 countries and in pharmacies all over Germany.

PARA’ KITO’s unique natural blend against mosquitoes is ‘trapped’ in small plastic pallets which are contained in a bracelet, or clip, making it very practical for us mommies to use. No more wars over mosquito spray!  PARA’KITO’s  children armbands are made of colored neoprene material , with really cool prints/ patterns and your kids will love them, without thinking about the ‘added’ effects.







The adjustable bracelets make it easy to use ( someone I know loves to use it as an ankle bracelet 🙂 ) and are water proof.




Open the box made out of recyclable paper, take the bracelet and adjust it to your arm, so that it is a bit loose and sits comfortably. Then remove it and open one of the pellets containing ethereal oils and insert it the net area of your bracelet. The same can me done with a mosquito repellent clip, which you can hang on your push-chair, purse etc.

Every pellet lasts up to 15 days and every package comes with two pellets.


  • DEET  -free
  • PARABEN – free
  • No animal testing
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Adjustable wristband
  • Recycled paper ( package)
  • Waterproof
  • Suited for the all family ( pregnant women and babies )
  • Name tag option in children bracelets

Wishing you all a MOSQUITO-FREE holiday!




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