Munichmom’s tips on how to survive the holidays with your kids

We all love the idea of sleeping in, long breakfasts and spending time with our families…

Truth is though, sometimes being cooped up with your whole family in an apartment, can be very difficult. That is why, Munichmom is bringing you a few ideas on how to survive the winter holidays! First up

Sebastiao Salgado’s Photography Exhibit

GENESIS ( October 9th 2015 till 24 January 2016)


If you have not been at the Sebastiao Salgado’s photography exhibit yet, you still have a few weeks left. This black and white photography exhibit is the perfect solutions for a family outing. Salgado’s GENESIS brings different continents closer to us, by means of beautiful black and white pictures which portray amazing landscapes merged with animals and indigenous people. The exhibit is quite vast and is divided into different continents. You can space between breathtaking penguins’ shots to wild African tiger’s images.


‘Archaic volcanic landscapes, arctic ice masses, meandering river canyons, mountain chains enveloped in mist, primordial rainforests and endless sand dunes – Genesis is a visual homage to the blue planet. In opulent black-and-white photographs, the photographer Sebastião Salgado documents the stunning beauty and rich diversity of intact flora and fauna, as well as indigene peoples. His aesthetically impressive, large format photographic series is the result of an expedition lasting several years, with the goal of heightening people’s awareness for the preciousness of the last untouched corners of the earth. The Genesis project is Sebastião Salgado’s appeal to civilization to preserve part of the planet in all its original and fascinating diversity.  (


The exhibit is free of charge, making it perfect for large families or, for recurring visits to allow the little ones to really appreciate these amazing pictures.


Munichmom tips:

P.S. We found the whole exhibit child friendly, although we skipped a few pictures of  warriors which might have scared our little ones. Just stay a few steps ahead of your child and you will have no problems!

P.P.S. The film trailer for EXODUS, a documentary by Wim Wenders in collaboration with Salgado is shown in a small room within the exhibit. I would personally not recommend this trailer to young children.

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