MUNICHMOM’S SPA TIPS The SO SPA : an oasis dedicated to tranquility

Outside is cold and wet. The snow will come and we will all hit the slopes this week-end (stay tuned for our soon to come article: Munichmom’s Ski Hotspots 🙂 )

Right now, though, the SO SPA seems to be the best option for today.

Centrally located in the vicinities of Munich’s central station, the SO SPA, the SOFITEL MUNICH BAYERPOST, is the perfect solution for rainy days!

This luxurious SPA is situated in the lower levels of the SOFITEL MUNICH BAYERPOST, making the entrance a special gateway from everyday’s hustle and bustle. As you enter the SPA, the darker colors and dim lights will immediately catch your eye, so to speak. This relaxing atmosphere is perpetuated all throughout the spa. The modern architecture, paired with natural materials, makes this experience a very special one. Black stones, grey marble, red-painted walls not only make it easier for your eyes to adjust to the soft light but infuse and overall idea of tranquility.

Take advantage of the incredible pool, which runs like a serpentine through this amazing space.

The game created between glass and walls makes it for a fun experience… ( from the pool you can take a peak in the hotel lobby, if you wish, but you cannot be seen.. Or float on your back and look out at the beautiful Munich sky…)

Take advantage of the first class treatments available here as well as some of the most prestigious cosmetic brands of the world (Carita, Clairins, Sisley)

The staff is quite international and extremely courteous. No yelling or screaming here: the tone of this spa will soothe any tired mom’s ears .

PS Saunas and Dampfbad are textile-free areas, you still do need to bring a bathing suit for the pool.

If you forget, no worries you can purchase a disposable bathing suit for 14 Euros.

PPS MUNICHMOM TIP: Do try one of the wonderful smoothies but, if you are in the mood, go ahead and splurge on an unforgettable Club Sandwich and some of the best French Fries I have had in Munich 🙂


For more info:

SO SPA Wellness Centre
 Address: Bayerstraße 12, 80335 München, Germany
Phone:+49 89 599482981  ( Brochure)

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