MUNICHMOM’S SLEDDING TIPS Best sleighing spots in Downtown Munich



As the snow suddenly arrived last night, we at Munichmom ran to our basements and garages to fetch our old sleighs, bobsleds, sledges, plastic sliding trays and whatever equipment we could find.

The feeling of hitting the fresh small hills all around the city, was just invigorating.

If you are not planning on driving to the mountains this week, but still would like to enjoy the snow, this article is for you!



Situated in a very popular part of the English Garden, the hill on which the Monopterus is situated,

serves as an ideal sleighing slope. It can be easily reached from Schwabing or Lehel/ Bogenhausen.

Please remember, though, that this particular small hill has not been officially recognized as a sleighing area. Enjoy at your own risk.

This area is not suited for professional sleds, but it is perfect for young kids and families. After your work out, you can enjoy a walk in the park or a warm cup of coffee at some of the nearby cafes (Milchhäusl, Schmidt Cafe’ )



Fun is guaranteed at the highest sleighing slope in town. Not only you will have the time of your life here, but you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the city and warm up to a cup of warm punch afterwards.


The small hills in Luitpoldpark are ideal for small and big snow fans. Here you will find one of the steepest slopes of the city which runs for more than 30 meters!








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