Munichmom’s Halloween kickoff

It’s October 1st 2016.

Fall is definitely upon us. Many of you are taking advantage of these last days to get to the Wiesn. The weather is cooler and leaves are changing color. Pumpkin spice is in EVERYTHING!!

Some stores like IKEA have skipped over the Fall and it’s holiday’s completely and made a bee line directly into Christmas. Case in point…… scenes from today’s IKEA shopping excursion.

IKEA completely skipped over Fall
IKEA completely skipped over Fall


However this mom has her game face on making serious preparations for my favorite Holiday!!! Halloween!!!

In only 30 days, I will dress up my kids, myself, my husband and possibly even our cat in costumes that we have carefully planned out. I will carve pumpkins, decorate the house, bake cookies and douse many things in fake blood.

There will be fake spider webs and random days filled with face paint and makeup all building up to the big day! I’m so excited. During this month we will be sharing many cool ideas and family friendly tips from

  • Kids Costumes
  • Recipes
  • Decorations
  • DIY’S
  • Party Ideas
  • Spooky cocktails
  • (Not so) Scary kids activities
  • Scary treats and more!!!

So let’s get prepared together, share ideas that will make this Halloween spectacular. One more great thing about Halloween Munichmom is turning 2. Break out the confetti

Munichmom's Halloween kick off
Munichmom’s Halloween Kick-off

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