Mom’s Barcelona getaway part 3

I must say that Barcelona was beautiful. This was my first time visiting and it really left an impression. I’m definitely heading back again with my family in tow. There was so much to see that we did not even scratch the surface, but we did however hit the touristy highlights. With a map in hand and under the guidance of one mom who had been to Barcelona before, we decided to check out the main attractions by foot.

Our fist stop was Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona. The church is such a huge size, so they often referred it as “cathedral” . The church in the district Eixample has been under construction since 1882, and is supposed to be finished in 2026. From the year 1883 the Catalan architect Anton Gaudi took over the leadership of the works until his death in 1926. The building is significantly influenced by him. We truly wanted to walk around inside the church, however the 6 hour line wait time made us beg to differ:/ . We enjoyed the sight of the church from the outside 🙂


Next up we decided to visit park Güell another one of Anton Gaudi’s works. We hopped on the Metro to get there because walking was beginning to be a lot less pleasant.The climb up 1 million and 1 steps up to the park was unexpected, but the escalators available to those unwilling to take those steps was welcome.

Park Güell was commissioned by Eusebi Güell who wanted to create a stylish park for Barcelona aristocracy. The park was built between 1900 and 1914 and was officially opened as a public park in 1926. The park is a cluster of Mosaic-covered buildings, steps & sculptures in verdant park & panoramic views. We did not get the full experience because of the incredibly long wait times. Next time I will make sure to schedule everything in advance.

bridge3 image Park-Guell

Las Ramblas and The Gothic Quarter were our  last touristy places we were interested in. The rest of the time was spent shopping, eating and relaxing. These two places were seen at leisurely paces. We just wanted to walk around and take in our surroundings so we did just that. We did pose for ridiculous pictures and by cheap souvenirs along the way:)

12801579_10209186904375502_7668837450186220873_n 12961608_10153012661583039_7531112715842648182_n iiCSramblas2 IMG_5344

We had such a great time. We ladies got together and had a blast! It was just the recharge that we needed. Next time we will go in the summer to avoid a lot of the rain that we encountered. I am counting down the days until the Mom’s getaway of 2017. Destination Sin City ….Las Vegas!!!!




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