Mom’s Barcelona getaway part 2

The food and nothing but the food!!! I thought I would make it clear that food was all I really wanted to focus on today. It was the highlight of the entire trip(for me at least). Some of the freshest, delicious and flavorful food that I have ever encountered was on this trip.

The concierge at The Claris hotel was instrumental in guiding us to all of the phenomenal places that we ate at. I wanted to shine a spotlight on my favorite 4. Let’s get to it!

When we first arrived we had time to kill before our rooms were ready. We were waiting in the lounge of the hotel drinking our champagne when the concierge suggested that maybe we have a bite to eat. One of our friends back in Munich had told us about a great restaurant called El Nacional and we were hoping to try it. Upon mentioning that to receptionist he smiled and said we were in  luck, the restaurant was really close to the hotel. He pulled out a map and directed us there. This restaurant was just a bit off the main road, hidden just enough that we would have never found it without help!

El Nacional

El Nacional
El Nacional


I’m so glad that we found you, so fortunate indeed. El Nacional Barcelona is an all-new concept combining four different restaurants and four specialized bars that offer traditional dishes from across Spain. La Braseria for grilled meats, La Llotja for fish and other seafood in all its forms, La Taperia offers a great variety of cold tapas, hot tapas, rice dishes, paella fideuá and La Paradeta A fast deli restaurant where you can enjoy some excellent sandwiches, delicious coca pastries and light meals among many other options. located right on Passeig de Gràcia. We decided to try La Llotja!! The food was really good so was the service. It was a great way to start out our trip!

El Nacional
El Nacional


Josephine– After a very long night and early morning, none of us ladies made it to breakfast. We did get up in time to have brunch. Josephine was directly across the street from the hotel. It was the perfect little spot with interesting decor. It reminded me of New York with the flower pots in the large windows. The furniture was a combination of antique and vintage 1920’s feel and the music was pure soulful jazz. I was charmed. The food……. Best croissants I’ve ever had. You can enjoy breakfast,lunch, brunch or dinner there.

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Teleferic – A wonderful tapas bar. Not a tourist trap type of restaurant that you regret later;) They have selections of buffet style cold and hot tapas and a table service menu. The tapas came with a Japanese influence and were equally tasty with a good-sized portion.The White Sangria was delicious and we had many of them!

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Jaime Beriestain– This was a very cool place that had a concept that we were not expecting. We went to this unique spot for brunch on our last day. We wanted to hit one more restaurant before we spent a last few hours sightseeing before our evening flight.  Jaime Beriestain-is a cool concept store/ Cafe/ Restaurant. We were able to eat really good Quiche, lemon tarts and croissants. Then on a trip to find the bathroom, I stumbled upon the unexpected. Imagine buying yourself some new decor for your home, fresh flowers from the florist and other odds and ends after dining in a beautiful cafe. All of that is just around the corner from the dining area. Created and run by the Chilean born interior designer, Jaime Beriestain. This cool little spot suits all of your  interests.

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I hope I have tempted you to seek out Barcelona, even if it’s just a little bit. Check back tomorrow for our final entry full of exploration and sightseeing

Your Munichmom!


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