Merci Maman a boutique moms will love


Munichmom really loves unique gifts. Especially personalized gifts. Personalized gifts are always a big hit with people of all ages. Whether the gift is personalized with their name, their occupation, or a favorite hobby, it is sure to be remembered for a lifetime.

That is why I”m so excited to share with you the online gift store Merci Maman!

The team at Merci Maman has been designing and creating personalised jewellery so you can keep your loved ones close at all times or treat them with a gift that will truly show what they mean to you.

“Merci Maman” translates as “Thank You Mom” in French. What is interesting is that the gifts are transcribed in  elegant cursive handwriting inspired by the French roots of the companies creators. They wanted the engravings to look the way  were taught to write at school as children. Giving the gifts as they say a  “French Touch” 🙂

The first Merci Maman bracelet was crafted in 2007 by Béatrice de Montille, a French mum living in London, from her kitchen table. Béatrice now sits alongside her husband, Arnaud, and their team of 20,  so your present will always be truly unique and personal.

The items that you can have engraved are lovely and we really think any gift you purchase here will be enjoyed!! Munichmom says, Merci to Merci Maman!!

For more information click the link:Mercimaman

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