The summer holidays are here and packing is the hottest sport in town. Dozens of lists lay on my desk, reminding me of precious items I should not forget, the most random things, if you ask me.

Every year I put lots of effort into selecting the perfect summer reading list, which works with every mood. A few frivolous books if I just feel like an easy reading by the beach, a new publication by one of my favorite authors ( last year Jonathan Franzen, Chimamanda Nngozi Adichie as well as Paula Hawkins ‘came’ with me to the shore) and a classic, just in case.

This year, for the first time, my little one has followed my example and has put together a small list of her own. To be honest we already started at the beginning of the summer and I was amazed by how quickly she went through the many volumes of the Carlsen ‘s best selling collection.




A wonderful story, divided into 8 volumes, which has kept my 8 year old entertained for the last months and has brought back the pleasure of reading. I was so delighted and proud to see her finish volume after volume and asking for more ūüôā This fantastic story of a group of children who, chapter after chapter, get assigned magic animals, has fascinated our whole family. The beautiful illustrations by Nikki Busch and Nina Dulleck make this reading¬† experience even more enchanted.

Munichmom wanted to keep this post authentic and that is why we allowed our 8 year old to write her first book review:)¬† So, without further ado, here is our first children’s book review by Lotti ( 8 ).


¬†The Winterstein school hires a new teacher, Miss Cornfield. Her brother, Mr. Morrison, owns a magic pet store. He collects magic animals all over the place and gives them to the children in his sister’s class. Ida is new to the class: she and her classmate Benni, both receive a magic animal. Benni receives a¬† turtle, Henrietta. Ida receives a fox named Rabbat.

Mister Morrison owns a magic animal himself: it’s a funny animal¬† named Pinkie. Guess who will receive bird spider Agent Y?

Jo is lucky, too. He receives a  penguin and names him Juri. Then there are Schoki and a funny pig Peperoni, Anna-Lena and chameleon Caspar, Helene and the cat Karajan, Yannick and chimpanzee Tingo and lastly, Franka receives a rat called Cooper.

These books will really blow your kids away this summer! Make sure you pack as many volumes as you can get ( E-books are also available).

Wishing you a fantastic summer,

yours Munichmom

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