I Lost My Name, a personalized book

Last week we had the pleasure to welcome a baby boy in our neighborhood! We are all very close, despite living in the ‘anonymous city’ and our kids spend uncountable afternoons in the courtyard together. As the circle previously consisted of 4 girls, we were very excited to welcome a baby boy in our gang 🙂

I wrecked my head for weeks, thinking of a unique small present to welcome him home. Baby blanket? The classic diaper birthday cake? I wanted to do something special which could last throughout the years. As I had lost my hopes I remember having read about personalized books, in many different languages, and I started my on line search. And then I found it:



What is ‘ I lost my name’?

Once upon a time  four friends ( a brother and three uncles)  got together to make a personalized book – better than one had ever been made before. They worked on it in their spare time, as a pet project. Late nights! Eventually it was finished, stories, illustrations, code, site, print house, everything. They launched it. Word got around. People bought it, and said nice things about it. And they thought, Hang on. Hang on a second. This could be BIG.They got investment. They totally won on Dragons’ Den. They found an office, persuaded other marvelous people to join them, sold lots and lots of books… And made many, many magical bedtimes.

How does it work?



So I did it! I ordered the book, proudly typing in the little baby’s very special name and voila’ the personalized book was ready and shipped to me within days! His mom LOVED it and was actually moved that a neighbor would think of getting something so special, just for her little baby boy. I am glad to know that in a few years she will be able to read the book to her boy and the story will unfold. He will eventually be able to read the book by himself and see his beautiful name as the main character of the story, How cool is that?






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