Little Wolf- a southern restaurant

Der “Little Wolf” zeichnet seine offene Küche mit Smoker aus. Fotograf: Thomas Kiewning (

Munichmom has a bestie with whom she shares her culinary night outs….My bestie also knows my ‘House of Cards’ obsession and my cravings for soul food every time I watch Francis Underwood entering Freddies’ BBQ joint. On a particularly cold evening we wondered into Little Wolf, a smokehouse in the ‘ Glockenbach’ neighborhood in Munich. The rest is history 😉

Alma’s story:

As a New Yorker living in Germany for over 12 years now, I sure appreciate and enjoy a “take me back” taste of a good diner every so often. So when my good old friend Munichmom asked me to join her and give Little Wolf a try, I said oh yes please! Diners have been a part of American culture for more than a century and Little Wolf has done a pretty good job at bringing out the best of a diner experience with a tasty flare of its own.

Little Wolf  is a cozy eatery with very limited seating that makes it all the more special! The retro décor covering the walls and the original diner glass sugar dispensers give the place a traditional diner look. Little Wolf has an open kitchen area so customers can see the cook at work creating his masterpieces with lots of well-deserved pride. It was mesmerizing watching his concentration at work. All of the dishes he carefully prepared looked spectacular.




I had the jambalaya with jumbo shrimps and bacon myself and it was an explosion of flavors in my mouth. It was absolutely delicious! The shrimps were cooked to perfection and the Cajun spice mix was just right.  I had a side dish of homemade buttery corn bread that melted in my mouth. My friend had the baby back ribs glazed with BBQ sauce (you have to lick your fingers for this one).  She had the homemade coleslaw as a side dish and yes it was also yummy. We had to at least share a dessert, so we opted for the homemade apple pie classic. It did not disappoint us and gave our lovely meal that perfect sweet end.  However, after devouring our meals and dessert with full bellies, our mouths still watered at the sight of the cook hand carving pastrami and stacking it high creating an amazing looking pastrami sandwich! My friend and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, next time!

Unfortunately, our bodies could not consume the entire menu. But we saw and admired people enjoying typical diner creamy milkshakes. They also offer a long list of cocktails and of course WHISKY! Don’t leave without trying their bourbon at the end of your meal served by the owner with a lot of charm!


To sum it up, we were totally surprised by this one-of-a-kind smokehouse in Munich! Little Wolf  has delicious food prepared and served by people who are really proud and enjoy what they do. Simply said, tasty magic on a plate with exceptional service!


So that is it for now……I am dying to try the pastrami sandwich and the 5 dollar milkshake, I hope my bestie will come along again!




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