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A few weeks ago Munichmom was introduced to a delightful new product for babies. We were invited to a product launch get together for LILLYDOO. It was a delightful event! MY children are out of the diaper wearing age range so I decided to ring up a friend with a diaper clad cutie pie to tag along and test out these new products.

Shameless cute baby plug:

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LILLYDOO is a new babycare company that offers a diaper and wipes subscription service. The company  was founded in 2015 by Gerald Kullack and Sven Bauer. Two men who were formerly employed by Procter and Gamble working with the well known brand “Pampers”. Included as an integral part of their team is with the very knowledgeable midwife Sissi Rasche from Berlin

© Max Threlfall
© Max Threlfall
© Max Threlfall
© Max Threlfall

The two created LILLYDOO  diapers and wipes to bridge the gap between performance, skin-friendliness, sustainability-oriented production and special design. The diapers and wipes are adorned with the cutest illustrations allowing for babies to be just as stylish as they are protected:)

The diapers are designed to be extremely flexible and offer babies the freedom of movement. The are highly absorbent, incredibly soft and breathable material. The all-inclusive diaper is rounded off with a breathable outer layer that allows air to circulate in order to reduce the risk of developing sores and rashes on your baby’s skin.

All LILLYDOO products bear the PETA certification and are therefore considered “vegan & cruelty free”. Moreover, the ingredients of the wet wipes are dermatological tested and guarantee maximum compatibility even for the most sensitive skin.

LILLYDOO provides diapers and wet wipes, which can be ordered in the subscription service model online at and conveniently delivered to your home. Delivery intervals, place and timing can be selected individually and sizes and delivery preferences can be changed flexibly. In addition, customers to be reminded about changing the diaper size.

Diapers come in a wide range of sizes

3 (4-9 kg)
4 (7-18 kg)
4+ (9-20 kg)
5 (11-25 kg)
5+ (13-27 kg)
6 (16-30 kg)

The wipes come in a nice variety as well. You can go online and order a test pack today .The package includes  10 diapers, 15 wipes • Price: 4,90 EUR (incl. Delivery) the test diapers are  available in sizes 3, 4 and 5


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