Lets meet up at The Hut

A little over a week ago I had the pleasure of dining at the newest winter attraction located in the courtyard of the Le Méridien hotel at the central station.

The Hut is a rustic and picture perfect cabin full of charm and coziness. It’s the perfect place to gather in close and dine with family and friends.

Upon stepping through the entrance you immediately notice the sturdy wooden benches covered by soft white lambskins, deer antler and wooden skis that project the image of a romantic ski lodge.


To begin the dinner, we started with a delicious drink that I’ve never tried before. Gluhbier! I was skeptical a first bc even though I love Munich and all its traditions, I absolutely hate Gluhwein. I was afraid that this would be so similar, but I was resolved to take on for the team.

I was surprised and delighted with my first sip. This warm beverage gets several thumbs up as I had more than one round;)


Next up was an appetizer of my favorite traditional food “Obazda n Brezen”. This dish was house made and so large that it could have been dinner. It was delicious. Head Chef Herr Beiler came out to meet us after I gushed so much about the taste. He even told us a few of his secret ingredients(but we aren’t sharing).

My gracious date and I next shared a main course of Bavarian Pfanderl full of meatballs, sausages, and perfectly sautéed veggies.For dessert, we sampled Apple Streudel with vanilla cream and Kaisernschmarrn with plum sauce.

We definitely recommend you visit The Hut for the Holidays. You can even attend with all of your family and friends as you have the option to rent the entire Hut.This cozy little gathering spot gets Munichmoms stamp of approval.

For more information use this link: http://www.munich-alm.de/en/home?

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