For my family and I summer time is Legoland time. I am very well aware of the fact that Legoland is also ideal for other times of the year, amongst them Halloween (who does not remember their yearly Halloween Legoland madness?).

But there is something about strolling around under the sun and enjoying getting wet on some of the rides. The water playground is one of my favorites and the Water DUPLO Experience has been our home for many summers.

We all get a ‘ yes -it’s -finally- summer’ feeling when strolling around Legoland on a warm summer evening (check for longer opening times) and enjoy being outside after ‘bedtime’.

This year’s opening season at Legoland  on April 1st 2017 was very special as it marked an historic anniversary: 15 Years Legoland Germany.


Moreover,this year Legoland has some extra exciting news, which will make your visit even more special: the LEGO NINJAGO WORLD!

The world of NINJAGO comes alive on almost 7,000 square meters in the new park area. Families can visit the elaborately designed Ninja monastery. More than one million LEGO bricks were used for the area and of course the guests can meet the NINJAGO heroes Zane, Kai, Cole, Jay, Lloyd, Nya and Master Wu.

The core of the park area is the new attraction LEGO NINJAGO The Ride, which offers interactive fun in 4D for the whole family. I loooved watching the kids getting warmed up before the ride as they practiced their physical Ninja skills, upon entering the temple.

What can you expect from the new ride?

 4D-ride LEGO NINJAGO The Ride

A completely new experience in the 4th dimension awaits the guests in the inside of the LEGO NINJAGO The Ride. The goal is to practice the elemental ninja skills, particularly, to master the NINJAGO elements: lightning, fire, ice and earth. During the journey through the LEGO themed temple, you will pass by different 3D-scenes, which were created by Master Wu as single training rooms, so called dojos. On board of the special vehicles, the passenger can shoot flashes, fire balls, ice fountains and air blasts against their virtual training enemies, only by using their hands. By doing so, the passenger practices his ninja skills and collects points. Effects like light and fog create a perfect 4D-illusion. The ninja training is suddenly interrupted by The Great Devourer attacking the temple. Quickly fun turns very serious and it soon becomes clear that there is only one way to beat him: everyone has to work together and join their powers for the grand finale.

Young and old ninjas can recharge their batteries at the Ninja Kitchen with some tasty Asian food after the exhausting showdown, before the next training begins.

Ninjago Ride at Legoland California.(Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Legoland)

Make sure you check out for special events and opening hours .

Have lots of fun,



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