LADY BIRD-Oscars 2018-

 When I first moved to Munich, before the era of Expat forums and lifestyle Blogs, the ONLY way to meet someone was to join social activities, despite the fear of not understanding the language. At one particular event, I met someone who had also just moved to Munich from the Big Apple and we realized we had been living just a few blocks apart in New York City, but had to move to Munich in order to meet. My bestie Alma and I used to enjoy going to the movies together and get lost in the thick plots of -before kids movies-. I mean before we had to run home to the sitter, when a double feature at the movies was still doable. Nowadays, a few kids later, we still enjoy watching a great film together!

That is why, as last  week  Munichmom was invited to the press -preview of the Oscar nominated film LADY BIRD, I had not doubt I wanted to share the experience with my bestie.

LADY BIRD- A review by Alma Falk Melendez

A coming-of-age, American comedy/drama set in Sacramento California, of a family who literally lives on the wrong side of the tracks. A teenage girl, Christine McPherson “Lady Bird”, attending a catholic high school, is about to journey into adulthood and college. This is the first movie written and directed by Greta Gerwig and it is absolutely authentically fabulous! I recommend bringing tissues with you to watch the film not only for the very funny scenes, but for the more serious and moving moments as well. You will find that you may be crying not only because of the touching scenes, but because it takes you back perhaps to when you where in her shoes going through similar scenarios with your family. The script is very real and one must appreciate the audacity of the characters and how they are so honestly portrayed.  




Lady Bird, played by Saoirse Ronan, who rightfully earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, is spectacular.  She is a bit awkward, bright and quite ambitious. She navigates her way through wonder and fear of the changing world around her and inside of her. Her mom, played by Laurie Metcalf, does an amazingly convincing job at portraying what we moms really go through when we simply want the best for our kids. She depicts the challenges we face in trying to keep sane during day-to-day family ordeals (best work since her Roseanne days).


Although the acting from all characters is worth mentioning, I particularly enjoyed Lady Bird’s best friend Julie, played by Beanie Feldstein. She is an absolute charm! Their relationship tests the boundaries and power of true friendship.


Here is the link to Lady Bird trailer, the movie will be in German cinemas as of April 19th


This is an important film and a must see for (but definitely not limited to) parents who are about to enter the puberty/teenage world with their kids.

I especially enjoyed watching this film with my very good friend and one of the most dedicated moms I have the pleasure to know. 

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