KOCHHAUS comes to Munich !

Kochhaus comes to Munich, three times!

Six o’ clock in the evening is approaching and you desperately take a look into the fridge to see what could save you, and your family, from another fish sticks evening…. The DINNER NIGHTMARE !

Are any of you at all familiar with this situation?

Kochhaus to the rescue!

Many of us know  Kochhaus Schwabing because we had lunch or coffee there, but are clueless to the magic of this wonderful franchising : the recipe concept!

At any given day Kochhaus offers you the choice of 18 recipes, many of them vegan or vegetarian, ready to pick up in a brown bag and cook at home.

Everything is pre-measured, labeled and organized, so that all you have to do, once you get back to your kitchen, is to open the packages and sizzle it all up!

What I love about this concept is not only that I get to cook a healthy and delicious meal for my family in a short time; I also appreciate the no waste aspect that goes with it.  Moreover, portions are quite generous, and my experience tells me that a recipe for two persons can easily feed one adult and two kids.

Kochhaus is also a gourmet/kitchen utensils outlet. From beautiful iron made skillets to the perfect wine match for your recipe, Kochhaus offers you the opportunity to pick up any utensils you might need to enjoy your cooking night.

Lastly, Kochhaus regularly organizes cooking events, which you can also book privately for a small, or larger, group of people.  And that is exactly what Munichmom decided to do : a Girls Night Out at Kochhaus! We invited friends and a few blog collaborators and enjoyed a memorable night, at Kochhaus Schwabing.

( Have a look at these recipies http://www.kochhaus.de/aktuelle-rezepte/)

There is something very intimate about cooking together. We shared, we laughed and a few hours later we sat down and enjoyed and incredible three-course dinner with a perfect Portuguese Viño Verde .

Munichmom is flabbergasted by Kochhaus Munich and its many possibilities. Make sure to check it out and……yes they deliver too!


Kochhaus Schwabing
Hohenzollernstraße 74
80801 München

P.S. Do not forget to take a look at Kochhaus Gaertnerplatz and Kochhaus Haidhausen!

P.P.S. On Saturday June 2nd Kochhaus Munich will be celebrating their 3rd birthday! Come one by and join the celebrations: munichmom will be there !





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