Gut Sonnenhausen, a tranquil local getaway


I’ve been wanting to write about this perfect get-away since my first visit there last Fall. Now with Spring just waiting to waltz in, in a few weeks. It seems like a good time to share with you this local “Hidden Gem”. A tranquil local getaway.

Gut Sonnenhausen!!

When driving to this hotel from Munich, it may seem as if you’re driving towards the edge of nowhere, but when you arrive, you get the feeling that “the middle of nowhere” is the perfect place to be. Though in reality it’s only a 30km drive from the city, located in peaceful Glonn.

Gut Sonnenhausen is the perfect combination of Organic farming and supurb hospitality. You are surrounded and immersed in the daily life of organic farming. So much so that you will in doubt be visited personally by the many cats that call this place home.

This hotel is tranquility and relaxation personified. The hotel boasts a total of 68 beds in 33 bedrooms which were designed in different architectural styles and ecological principles. Each room is unique. Each night you sleep on mattresses made of natural latex and in pure cotton bed-linen filled with goose down (alternatives are offered for allergic guests). I slept so peacefully and woke up well rested.

None of the hotel rooms have a television!!!! No t.v.!! Relaxation and reflection is the point of it all. There is one available in the library if you must have it.

The FOOD!!

The cuisine was excellent. The kitchen is run by organic chef, Sven Balzer and his team in Herrmannsdorf, which is only 3 km away. Hermannsdorf Landwerkstätten – a celebrated organic farm, partners with Gut Sonnenhausen to provide a fresh selection of organic meats, raw-milk cheeses, “Schweinsbräu” label of beer and fresh seasonal vegetables.

A lot of the food that is served is sourced from their own garden between the spring and summer. Even their beers, wines, juices and non-alcoholic beverages are organic. The kitchen does not process deep-frozen or pre-cooked food. Everything is freshly prepared. I’ve never stayed in a hotel so Eco-friendly and health conscious.

My stay was great. It was unlike any hotel experience that I’ve previously had. I would encourage you to try it out. Take a day or two alone for solitude and recharge.


This place is Munichmom recommended 😉

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