FLIK FLAK what time is it?

I still remember my first Flik Flak watch: it was blue and super cool.

Having a watch meant for me a step closer to independence, along with getting the keys to our home and getting my ears pierced, which, alas, came much much later.

Now that my daughter is in school I feel her need for independence as well, perhaps a bit stronger than mine. I am proud  and fearful of the same time.

Reading the time, understanding how her new found school schedule works, is very important. That is why I took out my old Flik Flak and my numerous Swatch watches (talk about durability) and shared my memories with her.


Flik Flak celebrates this year its 30 years anniversary, which is a testament to the highest quality as well as modern design. The new Flik Flak collection comes in a myriads of designs and colors. All Flik Flak watches, even those for older kids, follow a color-coded design language that intuitively helps differentiate between minutes and hours.

Flik Flak watches have clearly readable dials with strong color contrasts. All hours and five-minute steps are written out, the minutes in between are marked by small dots. Learning how to read the time becomes an easy task, actually a fun game with the Flix Flax App and the many games available on the company’s website.




But wait a minute, who are Flik and Flak really?

The story of Flik and Flak:

Flik and Flak are siblings : Flik is the big brother with very long legs and Flak is the clever little sister. With this special couple you will discover just how easy it is to tell the time.



With his long legs, Flik has the job of showing the minutes. He takes a step forward every 60 seconds. After he has been around the whole watch face once, an hour has passed. Then it’ s up to Flax! She jumps forward to show the next full hour. Flik does not mind that Flak is always read first . After all, he has good manners :

‘ Ladies first, he says…..’


Reliable and always on time Flik and Flak are the real dream team.


So, whether it is to celebrate the first day of school, a special birthday or …..just because, Flik Flak watches have been the first choice of parents all around the world for 30 years!

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