Family Fall Hike at Schliersee

The fall is my favorite season. I used to think nothing could compare to upstate New York’s Indian summer idyll, but oh did I not know what Bavaria had to offer. Fall in Munich and its surroundings offers unforgettable sights.

Here is one of the best fall hikes I have found within an hour from Munich, which includes lots of possibilities for different family members. The fact that Schliersee is reachable by public transportation and there is no need for a car whatsoever, seemed to me to be the cherry on the cake.

Just one hour from Munich’s central train station, a perfect fall hike : Schliersee.

Departure from Munich Central Station is at every hour. Make sure you arrive a bit earlier at the station as we will be taking the BOB ( Bayerische Oberland Bahn) and its tracks are a bit further down that the regular Deutsche Bahn tracks. Normally the train should leave from track 34, please check the website for more details information.

Make sure you look for the best ticket option as group and family  tickets are available.

Pleas pay attentions as trains will separate at Holzkirchen. Make sure you sit in the right wagon!


Get off at Schliersee. Check out the big map and get to know your surroundings.


Walk out of the station and follow the street until the first light. Cross the street and follow signs to Schliersbergalm.

The great thing about this hike is that is accessible to everyone! Our goal is to reach the Schliersbergalm  and enjoy the beautiful view and maybe a beer 🙂 So, if you have grandparents or members of the family who are not that mobile, they can take the gondola up the mountain. Have them reserve a table for you as it gets pretty crowded 🙂

There are two paths up  the hut : a shorter and a longer one. Both are doable with a pushchair, meaning there are no stairs, but keep in mind that the shorter hike is pretty steep. The shorter hike up to the Schliersbergalm takes approximately 45 minutes and is pretty steep. It is a bit harsh at the beginning then you have a few flat stretches and then, again a last steep hike to the hut. We did it with a bunch of kids aged 5-14.

The second hike, which is recommended to families with younger kids and push chairs, lasts one and a half hour. It is a beautiful hike which takes you alongside the lake and has a few playgrounds on the way.

Once you arrive at the Schliersbergalm you will be amazed by the view and the activities available for your children. Trampoline, playgrounds, mini -golf, pool and many more.





You can choose to sit at the restaurant ( indoors and outdoors) or to use the self service option , which has better prices.


Do not miss the opportunity to take a family selfie !



The way back is easier! We can either take the toboggan ride down or a Gondola! The ride takes just a few minutes:I


At the train station you can then hop back onto the train , direction Munich Central Station and forget about highway traffic.

If you have more time available you can take the train for one extra stop and visit the outdoor museum , the Marcus Wasmeier.

You and your family will be able to experience how local farmers used to live hundred of years ago. Check the calendar for events.

Well, that is it for now. I hope you enjoy this breath taking hike!



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