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The beauty of fresh possibilities the New Year brings is vast.  A New Year and a new way of life, is for many a real mantra as the New Year begins. A fresh start. A clean start. An organized start.

Many of us take this opportunity to de-clutter our lives and our homes, our offices, our cars and …our inboxes, with new found enthusiasm.

Last week Munichmom has invited you to a de-cluttering challenge. You read the article and you did it!  Now you are ready for our best kept -secret: E-decorating.

A vastness of possibilities, a pool of creativity, available at a click of your mouse. Our minds run wild with excitement. The guest room, the new kid’s room. The studio, oh are we excited.


New York City interior decorator, Lindsay Biondo, brings exclusive decorating to our Munichmoms’ readers, at a click of a mouse. We, at Munichmom, do not believe that geographical distance and budget restraints should be in the way of our ideal home.  Love your home and love your style!  Why pay a fortune for interior design? Online interior design (also known as ‘E-design’) is the fastest, most affordable option to bring home design straight to your fingertips! Packages start at just $199 per room, so, go ahead and splurge on the house of your dreams!

How does it work?

Log on to Lindsay’s website and get ready to go:

Get Decorated


What we love about E-decorating is that we do not need to clear up our schedules to be able to meet with our interior decorator, on an hourly rate! We can do all of this comfortably sitting at our computer. Once you have booked a session with Lindsay, you will be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire and send ‘Before’ photos. Make sure you include basic measurements of the rooms you intend to decorate and send some inspirational pictures. A pinterest pinboard, for example, let’s you collect thoughts and ideas to better share your personal style with Lindsay. We love this!

Visualize your new space with beautiful mood boards and then you are set to go.

BoHo Chic? City Modern? Charming and Cozy?

interior photography nyc

room kid

interior photography nyc

interior photography nyc

Get – Decorated will deliver to you, in 7-10 business days, a custom-tailored and interactive PDF design presentation via E-mail, for easy shopping and implementation. That is to say a list of appropriate furniture (the hassle of measuring it has been taken off your shoulders) from different stores available in your town/country. The same goes for accessories and textile pieces.

Get – Decorated will choose paint color(s), furniture items, materials and accessories based on your individual requirements and style. Floor plans and 3D renderings are available for upgrade.

Once you have received your color palette and detailed shopping list, you can go ahead and order the pieces you like the best. The beauty of this service is that you can have your own home decorated by a talented NYC interior designer, from your Munich home ;).

The Get – Decorated online interior design team will provide you with a detailed list of furniture/accessories available in your town or country. You can then go ahead and order it on your own timeline, avoiding stressful times.


And guess what….Lindsay, as a real New Yorker, is specialized in small spaces! We really can appreciate that. Have a look at the wonders she did with this kid’s room! Are you ready to bring color and light into your children’s room and home? We sure are!

Online home decor

P.S. Munichmom’s tip: an added bonus comes from the extra discounts you will get with vendors across the globe, as Getdecotated.com collaborates with numerous brands.

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