Decluttering your home for the New year

Happy New Year everyone!!! We hope 2017 brings you so much joy and happiness. Here’s to a new year and a new attitude! Many of us might take this opportunity to declutter our lives and our homes, our offices and our cars, with new- found enthusiasm. This post will focus on decluttering your home for the New year.

The need of cleansing our homes of unnecessary objects is stronger than ever at this time of year.

decluttering your home for the new year
KonMari Method

As Marie Condo teaches us (Best selling author of “Spark Joy” and organizing consultant.) we should keep what brings us joy and thank the objects that have accompanied us for years, aswe are about to pass them on to someone else.

So with that in mind, here are a few questions you should ask your( Inspired by Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method) that you should consider when coming up with your master attack plan to de-clutter your favorites spaces. Remember baby steps.

Does it spark Joy?

Is it necessary?

Does it work?

Does it have a designated place to live?


Know that you have the questions let’s focus on the process.

Commit yourself to tidying up all at once

Imagine your ideal lifestyle to prevent relapse

Hold an item with both hands and ask yourself “ Does this spark joy?)

Finish discarding before moving on. Neat does not equal de-cluttered

Organize by category, not by room, for example: Get all of your clothes in one place.

Go in order: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, sentimental



So , now that questions and processes are now clear, let’s move on to a challenge that you can easily use to kick off cleaning spree.


Day 1: Donate Clothing, Shoes and Bags that don’t bring joy and properly fold what remains

Day 2: Make room by your Entry way for daily essentials

Day 3: Rid your desk and office of old papers and books

Day 4: Clear shelves in your living and dining rooms of what you rarely use.

Day 5:Pare down your bathroom vanity essential

Day 6: De-clutter and refold the items in your linen

Day 7: Edit and organize your Kitchen cabinets and refrigerator


Here is a link to the Konmari method that can assist you as you go along. We wish you much success in your year and your cleaning endeavors.


Munichmom tip: of course there is an Konmari Method APP! There is an APP for everything 🙂












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