Day Nine of Munichmom’s 12 Days of Christmas

As we are getting ready to end this CRAZY week, we all know THE HOLIDAYS are here…..with a vengeance.

We  know what we need to do and by when it needs to be done. December 23rd might be one of the strictest deadlines ever 🙂

So here is a special gift idea that will make you seem to be thoughtful and cool to all that you purchase this item for.

Taste 12

This is a culinary “coupon” book like you’ve not really encountered before. The creation of David Stephan & Martin Eggert.


It is more of a restaurant guide of the top restaurants for haute cuisine in book form, which is published annually in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Vienna.

Under the slogan “12 restaurants invite you to dinner,” is each an entree on the house at each of the restaurants, if you come as a couple and bring the book. Have a  delicious and memorable meal for the price of one.
The target group is pleasure-oriented people who want to go with the help of the book on a culinary journey of discovery. After each dining experience you can have the restaurant page signed in the book creating for you a years worth of dining memories……, another gift in itself.

Taste 12

For Munich you can purchase this guide for 36 Euros:

And here are the 12 restaurants featured in this year’s Munich issue:

Schwarzreiter München





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