Christmas Tree Farm

Do you have a Bucket List?

I do have one, a long long one and….. today I got to check something off of it!

Cut your own Christmas Tree






Ever since I arrived in Munich I have been wanting to cut my own tree but ended up getting scared off by the weather or other small difficulties.

But DO NOT BE AFRAID, it is lots of fun !

We headed north direction Dachau and visited the Spennensberger family , who runs the Tannenhof Oberweilbach Christmas Tree Farm.


We found this particular Christmas Tree Farm well organized and taken care of. The selection of trees is quite good and, thanks to the very self explanatory labels, we could find our own special tree.


Everything you need is at your disposal from saws to transporting devices.


Once you have identified your favorite tree go ahead and let the fun begin 🙂


And here it is: the perfect tree, not too small, not too tall……just the way we wanted it!


After the hard work, enjoy a sausage or a hot drink in front of the open fire and let the Christmas season begin!




P.S. Munichmom tip: do bring special handyman gloves for you and your child, they definitely come in handy.

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