Just the other day I was listening to Jennifer Lopez singing: ‘I ain’t your mama’ and, I kid you not, had to explain to my friend why that song makes sense to me.

I won’t bore you with inter-cultural discourses on household responsibility or try to rationalize the feminist theory behind the laundry trap. All I know is that in my household, and not only, I am the one who is expected to drop people off, on a whim.

We have all heard it before:

Honey/ mommy/ dear friend/ daughter…..can you please just drop me off at….?

Now, I still have not found the perfect App for laundry but I surely did find something which helps me with the second issue.

What is CareDriver and how does it work?

CareDriver is a service that combines mobility and care. The people at CareDriver provide qualified drivers, trained caregivers, certified babysitters and fun-loving companions for children, seniors and disabled people. In other words, this magical App allows you to book someone who not only will drive your child/ill partner to the place they need to reach, but will be able to take care of their special needs. Let’s say a taxi and a baby sitter combined.

Now, some of you may raise your eyebrow, I know, but sometimes… beggars can’t be choosers. As an expat myself, I have no extended family around me to help out with every day small emergencies and sometimes I rely on external services. CareDriver has helped me through small emergencies when I am unable to drive someone to soccer -practice or just when I am sick and need to rest in bed. I feel good knowing that my child will not only be driven to where she needs to be, but to know that she is taken care of and enjoys that person’s company.

Download the CareDriver App and book your personal CareProf! Arrange time and location and the trick is done. Pay comfortably and securely with Paypal or credit card.

I know many moms who book a specific time slot weekly and really save lots of money and end up spending less time stuck in traffic. Yes, because we all know the major mom’s dilemma:

How can I be in three places simultaneously?


For more info please visit:

So whether you need someone to bring your child do music lesson or your mother in law to her physical therapist… think of this great new service. Also, depending on your insurance, you can deduct the costs in case of illness, doctor appointments and ….broken limbs.


Till next time,

Yours Munichmom


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