Capture the flag ( einmal Mond und zürück)

Capture the flag ( einmal Mond und zürück) is the new 3 D Paramount movie which will open on June 9th in movies theaters all over Germany.

Munichmom had the chance to attend the preview and was delighted to see that this movie is not only about entertainment but has, as well, an educational touch to it.

How do you fly to the moon? How dangerous is it? Can you also fly to the sun? Do dogs exist on the moon?  These, are some of the questions that some of the children attending the preview had the chance to ask, in person, to a real life astronaut.

But let’s come to the movie plot…

Three generations of astronauts are bound for the moon and run into numerous difficulties, and some family bonding, by the time they set their first step onto the moon. Mike is a precocious kid from a family of astronauts: Grandpa trained for a Nasa moon mission only to be held back at the last minute, while Dad is still angling for his shot. So when dastardly, oil tycoon Richard Carson manages to persuade America that the moon landings never happened – and that he intends to be the first man to actually set foot on the lunar surface – these three generations must band together to foil his evil scheme.


Grab your 3 D glasses, a bag of popcorn and enjoy!


Your Munichmom

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