Equila by Apassionata

Right in the middle of Munich, a chance to experience a one-of-a-kind show:


This show will bring the whole family together, guaranteed! EQUILA suitable for children all ages and, we found, is an enjoyable show whether or not you are a horse lover.

EQUILA is hosted in a beautiful modern building named Showpalast. This extraordinary building has been constructed especially for the show and will host, in the future, several horse shows. We found the architecture and the lighting , inside and out, quite extraordinary.


Take the Subway to Fröttmaning, or if you wish take your car, but do check whether or nor there are any soccer matches at the Allianz Arena!


As you enter the Showpalast you will find a very festive atmosphere. We were surprised to see families dressed up enjoying a drink and a snack before the show. A gift shop is available, so be aware:)


As you enter the theater you will be given a special necklace which brights up during the show, making you and your little one, feel like an integral part of the show.

From this moment on sit down and enjoy the ride! We do not wish to spoil your fun, we can only tell you a wonderful show awaits you. Music, horses, acrobats and an incredible light show will unfold slowly.  Here a few pictures for you to enjoy!




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