AIR HOP, the new way to jump

Do you AIR-HOP already?

Munichmom has the scoop on the coolest trampoline hall in town : AIR-HOP MUNICH the new way to jump!


This incredible venue puts together the fun part of trampoline jumping with the cool side of various games. If you are looking for an adrenaline filled  family afternoon, AIR-HOP is the place for you.

AIR-HOP’s  Munich location is a 3,400 Square meter venue filled with any jumping possibility you heart desires. From Dodge Ball / Trampoline to Basketball / Trampoline this incredible space is sure to be able to accommodate your needs.

Is AIR-HOP suited for young children? Is it a teeny trend? Can parents jump too?

Munichmom tested it out for you, to be able to give you a hands on report, just the way we like to do 🙂

The first point goes to the parking possibilities outside the Munich AIR-HOP location. It is always good to know one can drive up and park, without planning extra parking time. The entrance is spacious and lit up, usually more than one cashier available, but we do recommend to book your jumping session on-line, as the Munich location gets filled up quickly, especially on the week end.

Another plus comes from free -of- charge lockers, which allow you to store all of your belongings at no extra cost. ( You can choose your own digit code, so make sure you do not leave this task to younger children).


AIR-HOP also gets our Munichmom’s extra safety points, as all children are required to watch a safety video, in order to know about conduct on the trampolines as well as the risks entailed.


Every jumping session lasts 1 hour. We thought one hour would be not enough for our sweet rascals, but we assure you AIR-HOP is the hardest work out we have found in town. One hour leaves your kids wiped out. So, unless you have extremely tenacious children, do not plan to book more than one session at a time. A few minutes before your jumping session starts, everyone will line up to trampoline’s entrance and will be , once more, advised by the staff about the dangers and about general trampoline conduct.

The first game is the Wipe Out and. It may be hard for shorter children, but we found that the AIR-HOP employees who operate the moving wheel, often have a feeling of when it gets too hard for the little ones. Feel free to talk to the staff, everyone is friendly!



After having experience the Wipe Out, one can move one to other activities like Basketball/Trampoline or Dodge-ball/Trampoline.




And then there is the Foam Pit.


A variety of possibilities are available, from Battle Beams to a Free Style Jumping Court.





All in all we found AIR-HOP a really organized facility where, without too much hassle, a family can enjoy a few hours together . Make sure you bring plenty of water, or else you can take advantage of the internal cafe. AIR-HOP Munich has plenty of space for people to sit and rest after their jumping session. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and no jewelry.

( You are required to purchase a pair of AIR-HOP socks before you enter the trampoline area, which you can keep for your next visit).

And most of all…….empty your pockets before you start jumping!

Have fun,



P.S. Munichmom’s tip: book your child’s birthday-party now and be amazed by the all-in-one care package.

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