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Hello and thank you for stopping by our blog, munichmom.com. We created this little community to provide English-speaking expats living in Munich with information to really live and be a part of this beautiful city.

We are two expat moms ourselves, who know how hard it can be to find things to do for your family. Be it restaurants and cafes that are kid friendly or awesome activities to do with with your whole tribe. We are here to fill in the gap, give up the secrets and hopefully entertain you and make you laugh along the way. Please join in and comment. We’d love to hear from you.


About Kiki

Married mother of one sporty boy and one singing obsessed girl. A lover of books and sarcasm. A periodic jogger and uncommitted exerciser.










About Laura

This citizen of the world moved to Munich before the blog era and..survived. One kid, a few jobs and many language courses later, Munich has become my Heimat. Laptop and Lederhosen embodies exactly my vision of this fantastic city: tradition and modernity, side by side.

Please contact us at munichmomadm@gmail.com directly or submit the form below.




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