Lua und die Zaubermurmel

Back in December, Munichmom proposed the children book Lua und die Zaubermurmel as one of 12 days of Christmas presents idea.

This beautiful story tells us about empathy, sensitivity and courage; three much talked about qualities, especially lately. All of this from a young girl’s point of view.

Alexandra Helmig, the author of this modern poetic tale, is the creator of Lua, an eight year old girl who just lost her father and is looking for a way to process her loss.  Lua’s incredible  journey brings her to the magical world of a circus where she meets Mo,  a man who is as well mourning  a beloved one.51kjrg2Zu2L

Love, compassion, courage and magic are the main ingredients of Alexandra Helmig’s newest novel.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Alexandra Helmig and ask her a few questions about her book.
Here are Munichmom’s questions and Alexandra’s answers.

MM: Dear Alexandra, we have enjoyed Lua’s adventures very much.

Here  a few questions for you 🙂

What was the inspiration which brought you to write Lua?

AH: When I was a child I loved to immerse myself deeply inside figures and stories. With my own children I enjoy it a lot to read all the classical children books again. I wanted to write a children novel that is imaginative and yet grounded in reality. The circus seemed to be the perfect place to look behind the scenes. Lua is a girl with lots of imagination, which helps her change the world without being a magician.

By the way, the role model for the magician is a real magician, also called Mo, whom I assisted for a short while when I was younger 🙂

The book deals with loss and sadness. How do children, in your opinion, deal with the loss of a loved one differently than an adult?

In my opinion we can trust children with difficult topics as long as we talk about them. Usually children have a more natural way to deal with death and at a certain age they start asking lots of questions around the subject. I think it´s important that children learn how to deal with sadness and that we can support them by taking their concerns serious.

MM: How important is magic in your every day’s life?

AH: I love magic moments. Sometimes if we look at a common thing from a different perspective, it can become magic. Nature is full of magic, but even in the city, I love to get lost in the moment and look at the world through the astonished eyes of children. One of my favorite quotes is from Salvador Dali:

“One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” Salvador Dali

MM: How would the book differ if Lua had been a boy?

AH: Not much, because the way Lua behaves, how she approaches the world is not gender specific. And I am very happy that boys also love reading Lua und die Zaubermurmel.

And as usual, our traditional Munichmom question:

MM: What is your favorite place in Munich and why?

AH: I love the Literaturhaus, because of their most surprising events and exhibitions. In the summer the terrace is the perfect place to have a coffee in the sun.

Check out Lua und die Zaubermurmel . A fantastic and thoughtful book that handles the tough task of childhood grief.

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